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When? Where? How much?


When is Basileia?

Week 0: May 3-9, 2014       (Work Crew only)

Week 1: May 10-15, 2014    (Work Crew, May 10 start 1pm to May 16 end 1pm )

Week 2: May 17-22, 2014   (Work Crew, May 16 start 1pm to May 23 end 1pm)

Week 3: May 24-29, 2014   (Work Crew, May 23 start 1pm to May 29 end 1pm)

Where is Basileia?

Saranac Village is one of Young Life’s premier camping properties. It is located on a peninsula that extends out into the beautiful Upper Saranac Lake in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. Tennis, basketball, volleyball, ping-pong and pool are some of the many activities available at Saranac Village.

How much does Basileia cost?

Early Bird Registration:    $375

Week 1 (May 10-15) – On or before April 14

Week 2 (May 17-22) – On or before  April 21

Week 3 (May 24-29) – On or before April 28

Standard registration:   $390

Late registration:   $405

Week 1 (May 10-15) – On or after April 28

Week 2 (May 17-22) – On or after May 5

Week 3 (May 24-29) – On or after May 12

Register and pay your non-refundable deposit online via credit card or e-check.
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required to register for Basileia.

All Work Crew weeks (Week 0, Week 1, Week 2 & Week 3) are no cost to those that come to work. Those who serve on the Work Crew will pay nothing for the week that they serve, and will receive a $200 Scholarship toward the week that they attend with their chapter.

A Charter Bus from NYC to Saranac Village will be available for weeks 1, 2 & 3. For more info, go to the Basileia Transportation Information page.

If you want to attend 2 weeks of Basileia (not including work crew) you will receive a $75 discount for the second week. If you are interested in attending 2 weeks of camp, email before registering.

We do not want lack of money to exclude you. God provides for those He wants there: Check with your church; many churches want to help their students get this kind of training. Talk with your chapter leaders or IV staff worker to see if scholarship funds are available.

If necessary, you may defer up to half of the cost for Basileia, with the approval of your staff worker. The money you defer must be paid to InterVarsity by the end of August.

Register Here for Basileia